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Jobs Of Tomorrow: Six Professions To Consider Thanks To New Technologies

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There’s a lot of talk about how technology and, by extension, automation can potentially rob humans of their jobs. That’s a scary prospect but a report release by the Australian Computing Society (ACS) and the CSIRO highlights that the outlook may not be so bleak. from Pocket http://ift.tt/1LoSh9F via IFTTT

The New Plastics Economy: Rethinking the future of plastics

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Applying circular economy principles to global plastic packaging flows could transform the plastics economy and drastically reduce negative externalities such as leakage into oceans, according to this new report. from Pocket http://ift.tt/1PdSJsL via IFTTT

Innovación en la gestión de residuos urbanos.

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Ambiensys es una empresa dedicada al diseño, construcción e implantación de equipamientos para el tratamiento de residuos sólidos urbanos (RSU) e industriales. from Pocket http://ift.tt/1XOwlq6 via IFTTT