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Aviso legal

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Fusion Lab, S.L. es titular de todos los derechos de autor, propiedad intelectual, industrial, know how y cuantos otros derechos guardan relación con los contenidos del sitio web www.esdemarca.com. from Pocket http://ift.tt/24jVXil via IFTTT

Innovating in World Megacities: A Search for Stories

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Every 20 years, the United Nations gathers to discuss the work of cities and renew political commitment to sustainable urbanization. In this year of the third Habitat conference, there is a vibrant global conversation happening around poverty reduction and a “new urban agenda. from Pocket http://ift.tt/1qIqW8V via IFTTT

30 Basic Tools For Data Visualization

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Posted on FastCodeDesign. iCharts is a platform that connects the publishers of market research, economic and industry data with professional consumers. iCharts hosts tens of thousands of charts in business, economy, sports, and other categories. from Pocket http://ift.tt/1fWZPRs via IFTTT

The Renewable Electricity Grid: The Future Is Now

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These approaches include strengthening interconnections between areas, diversifying the contribution of different renewable energy sources from various locations, and building up complementary generation and demand response technologies. from Pocket http://ift.tt/1SkArFP via IFTTT

6 Innovative Projects That Are Making Cities Better—That Other Cities Should Steal

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The Knight Cities Challenge just gave out $5 million to winning ideas from civic innovators to help 26 particular American cities, from Detroit to Macon, Georgia. But there’s no reason these ideas can’t be used elsewhere. Here are six of the 37 winning projects that other cities might want to steal. from Pocket http://ift.tt/1YtQ664 via […]