2015 was the hype year for the Internet of Things (IoT), or what research giant Gartner refers to as the ‘peak of inflated expectations’.

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We are living in the era of cities: more than 50% of the world population is already living in urban areas, and most forecasts indicate that, by the end of this century, the world’s population will be almost entirely urban.

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A clean revolution is quietly taking place on Europe’s roads. Hydrogen fuel cells are powering fleets of public buses and refuelling stations are being deployed.

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Paris seems to be getting less and less motorist-friendly by the day.

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I’ve just returned from three days in Liverpool. Ostensibly I was there for Labour conference, but, as promised, I spent a fair chunk of my time wandering on both sides of the Mersey, in an attempt to improve my knowledge of a city I’ve not visited in years.

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#Utrecht the game industry has generated a revenue of over €6.6 million since 2008 #Cultureforcitiesregions http://urlz.

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